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1.Choose the right answer:His daughter the piano often

2. Choose the right answer:I have my English class ____ Monday morning

3.Choose the right answer:The girls must do everything .?

4.Choose the right answer:Telephone boxes brown

5.Choose the right answer:There is sugar in the pocket

6.Choose nouns in plural form:

a) feet, b) children, ) tooth,

d) data, e) news, f) advice,

g) money, h) phenomena, i) postmen,

j) woman, k) time, e) watch.

7.Put a preposition from the box into the gaps(at; without; on; to; about):

I am worried the exam.

She is good singing.

She climbs ropes.

What is TV tonight.

Well, lets go the cinema.

8.Choose the right answers: You can see the letter . is about London in the book

9.Choose the right answers: They always arrange a date of competition, ... ?

10.Choose the right answers: I ... to Paris

11.Continue the sentence: He is from Northern Ireland. He is

12.Continue the sentence: Yesterday I went bus to the National Museum